Investors: ​Towards an Edvantegous Future

At Avanse, we are fully committed to communicate with the existing and potential investors about the performance of the Company, disclosures made to stock exchange(s) and maintain transparency. We strive to serve our investors with utmost integrity and maintain long term sustainable relationship by providing the relevant information
We welcome our investors for any suggestions that they may have.
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Contact Details of Trustee :

Catalyst Trusteeship Limited
Formerly known as GDA Trusteeship Limited)
GDA House, Plot No. 85
Bhusari Colony, (Right)
Paud Road, Pune – 411038
Contact No : +91 (020) 2528 0081
Email Id :

Investor Grievances

For Investor Grievances and Investor Queries
Please contact: Mr. Rakesh Dhanuka
Company Secretary

Avanse Financial Services Ltd
DHFL House, 1st floor
19, Sahar Road
Off. Western Express Highway
Vile Parle (East), Mumbai – 99
Tel No.: 022 7111 2233
Fax No.: 022 7111 2234

Corporate Governance

Serial No. Description Format
1 Format of Independent Directors Appointment Letter
2 Vigil Mechanism
3 Policy on Related Party Transactions
4 Corporate Governance Code
5 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
6 Interest Rate Policy
7 Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
8 Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Credit Ratings

Rating Agency Rating Rating Letter
CARE Rating NCD A+(SO)
CARE Rating Sub Debt A(SO)
Brickwork Rating NCD AA - (SO)


Serial No. Description Format
1 Annual Report - 2017-18
2 Annual Report - 2016-17
3 Annual Report - 2015-16
4 Annual Report - 2014-15

Half Yearly

Serial No. Description Format
1 Half Yearly Communication for H1FY19
2 Half Yearly Communication for H2FY18
3 Half Yearly Communciation for H1FY18 - October 12, 2017
4 Half Yearly Communication for H1FY17
5 Half Yearly Communication for H2FY17
6 Half Yearly Communciation for H1FY2016
7 Half Yearly Communciation for H2FY2016


Description Date PDF File
Intimation of Revision in Credit Rating 13-Mar-2019
Intimation of Revision in Credit Rating 12-Mar-2019
Intimation of Revision in Credit Rating 28-Feb-2019
Intimation of Revision in Credit Rating 7-Feb-2019
Interest Payment Certificate 31-Jan-2019
Intimation of Revision in Credit Rating 22-Jan-2019
Intimation of Record Date 03-Jan-2019
Intimation of Payment of Interest 03-Jan-2019
Intimation of Resignation of Director 02-Nov-2018
Interest Payment Certificate 02-Nov-2018
Intimation of Record Date 03-Oct-2018
Intimation of Payment of Interest 03-Oct-2018
Interest Payment Certificate 31-Jul-2018
Intimation of Record Date 04-Jul-2018
Intimation of Payment of Interest 04-Jul-2018
Notice of EGM 18-Jun-2018
Intimation of Resignation of Director 30-March-2018
Notice of EGM 03-Mar-2018
Interest Payment Certificate 31-Jan-2018
Intimation of Record Date 04-Jan-2018
Intimation of Payment of Interest 04-Jan-2018
Certificate of Interest Payment 31-July-2017
Intimation of Resignation of Director 24-July-2017
Notice of EGM 14-Jul-2017
Intimation of Record Date 05-July-2017
Intimation of Payment of Interest 05-July-2017
Notice of EGM 13-Jan-2017
Intimation of Board Meeting for Q3FY17 09-Jan-2017
Intimation of Payment of Interest 04-Jan-2017
Intimation of Record Date 03-Jan-2017
Intimation of Record Date 30-June-2016
Intimation of Interest Payment 30-June-2016
Statement of Material Deviation – H2FY16 09-May-2016
Intimation of Record Date 06-Jan-2016

Compliance Certificate

Description Format
Compliance Certificate- Reg 7_H1FY19
Compliance Certificate- Reg 7_H2FY18
Compliance Certificate- Reg 7_H1FY18
Compliance Certificate- Reg 7_H2FY17
Compliance Certificate- Reg 7_H1FY17
Compliance Certificate- Reg 7_H2FY16

Investors Grievance

Description Format
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q3FY19
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q2FY19
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q1FY19
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q4FY18
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q3FY18
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q2FY18
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q1FY18
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q4FY17
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q3FY17
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q2FY17
Investors Grievance - Reg 13_Q1FY17